The benefits of Magnesium in drinking water.

What does Magnesium do? We’re glad you asked, it plays several important roles in brain and body health. 

Our E.A.U. system removes hormones.
The water companies do a great job, it's not easy work but the water they deliver is not always the exact product you might want to drink. 
Why everyone talks about antioxidants.
Antioxidants are one of the body’s reactions to neutralise free radicals and this is done by simply donating electrons, otherwise known as reducing, to the free radicals.
Pure Ionic Water hits the Monaco Yacht Show 2021
Talk about exacting standards, the show was full of people that wanted the best possible water on tap in every situation and we are able to provide just that, and with the style of tap required to make your yacht look great as well.
Monaco charity health event: No Finish Line 13-21st November 2021
Pure Ionic Water™ team were proud be partnered with Mon Eau in supporting the annual charity event ‘No Finish Line’, in Monaco.
Newcastle United eliminates single-use plastic water bottles from their training ground.
This move reduced their plastic footprint by approximately 48,000 single use bottles for players and staff every year.