Journal: My Pure Ionic Water™

Alkaline water tea

Second Journal Entry

My Pure Ionic Water™ machine has arrived, I had the texts to say it was on the way, the emails confirming my purchase and it’s now on my doorstep. Will I be taking advantage of the money back offer for 30 days or will I continue my subscription? 

I was excited and got it straight out the box. It was, surprisingly, light and small. There’s some bits and bobs needed for connecting and the all important box of magic as well as a new tap that I got for FREE. First things first, let’s clear under the sink for it to fit into. It’s not a looker, but it’s not ugly, I just prefer the box to be away from sight, again this was a good option for me as I didn't want to give up any more counter top space in my kitchen. 

A quick look at the installation guide shows I could install it in 30 mins. I had a look and though it looked easy, I wasn’t about to plumb it in. I am not very DIY focussed at all, but I could have tried it. However I opted to call a plumber. One was booked in for a few days time for a quick 30 min job on his way to work in the morning.

The plumber arrived, shut the water off, installed the machine, and that was that, a quick 30 min job. He even said how easy it was! The bit I would have struggled with was putting the new tap into the countertop and if it was marble rather than wood it might have taken longer.

I now have my Pure Ionic Water™ on tap! WE had run a bit of it to start with and the plumber tired it and wanted to know a bit more about it - I gave him the details =)

Immediately when trying the water you’re amazed at how it doesn’t smell of chlorine at all. We’re so used to smelling chlorine it’s weird when it’s not there. The taste - well it’s hard as I am not a water sommelier, but I’ll tell you it’s smooth. There’s no specific ‘taste’ I could discern but I wanted to drink it all. It was such a pleasant experience I immediately on that first day drank more water than I had in a day for… well as long as I can remember.

The tea. Ooooh the tea. I love a cuppa, and again I made a tea with the new water and it was lovely - again super smooth and very nice indeed.

The wife, kids and pets all had their chance at drinking some and they were of the same thoughts as I was - the water tasted better. Smoother. Was a taste that immediately felt hydrating and even if a placebo effect, the sum was that water was more popular as a drink in the household again.