Newcastle United eliminates single-use plastic water bottles from their training ground

Back in March 2019, there was a lot happening. Not least of which there was a lot of news flow about Covid 19 starting to take a grip of peoples psyche. Rightly, it dominated headlines and was driving the conversation for households, globally.

Under the radar was the announcement that premiership team Newcastle United eliminated plastic water bottles from their training ground in support of Sky Ocean Rescue. This move reduced their plastic footprint by approximately 48,000 single use bottles for players and staff every year. That’s a big deal.

How did United manage this amazing feat? With Pure Ionic’s help of course. We worked with Newcastle United to give them a complete training ground solution from gym to restaurant and beyond. Now their players use re-useable bottles and reap the health benefits from the Pure Ionic System for the on going health of everyone at the facility.

Newcastle's head of sports science Jamie Harley said: "Hydration is a key factor in the health and wellbeing of the players. There are key differences in the quality of different types of bottled water that we have used over the years, so we are pleased to be able to offer a permanent solution to support the players around training and games.”

We’re pleased that United chose us to supply Pure Ionic Water and we know they will reap the benefits of the system not just for the environment but also for the team and support staff. We know our system will exceed even the highest standards set by a premiership football team.

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