Pure Ionic Water Sponsors World Young Chef Young Waiter Awards, Monaco

YCYWM Event Monaco

In a splendid showcase of emerging talent in gastronomy, service, and mixology, the World Young Chef Young Waiter Awards unfolded at Monaco's Hôtel de Paris. Amidst swirling rumours of a potential Netflix show, Pure Ionic Water took centre stage as sponsor, infusing the event with purity and innovation.

Chairman Robert Walton MBE, reflecting on the event's purpose to spotlight future superstars, set the stage for an evening dedicated to contemporary and sustainable hospitality. Pure Ionic Water embraced the opportunity to contribute to the recognition of exceptional talents in the culinary world, aligning seamlessly with its commitment to quality, exceptional standards and the future of the industry. 

With 22 entries from nine countries vying for honours, Singapore emerged as a dominant force, particularly in mixology. Zana Mohlmann, Head Bartender at Manhattan Bar, captivated judges with a unique cocktail featuring Neft vodka, pine needles, a snow frost element, and forest wood aroma blended with American whiskey.

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Expressing gratitude, Mohlmann said, "Having the opportunity to present my creations to such esteemed judges was a true honour." This triumph not only showcased individual skill but also highlighted the creativity encouraged by the World Young Chef Young Waiter Awards – Powered by Pure Ionic Water.

The Chef and Waiter Award, celebrating collaboration between culinary and service professionals, underscored the essential nature of a strong partnership. Adam Handling, representing the chef profession, praised the quality of entries. Simon King, judging service, described good hospitality as a "team sport." The event saw a unique occurrence as third place was shared by England and Wales, showcasing diversity in the culinary world.

Top honours went to Singapore's Ian Tan and Belle Torres. Torres shared her emotions, saying, "The win was beyond my expectations. I poured my heart into this competition, preparing as best as I could. I'm thrilled about the future possibilities this victory opens up."

As the sponsor, Pure Ionic Water stands with these young talents, recognised by all as a symbol of purity, innovation, and sustainability. The event sets the stage for continued partnership, anticipating greater opportunities to support and celebrate the exceptional talents that grace this prestigious celebration of gastronomy and service.

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Pure Ionic Water applauds the achievements of these rising stars, expressing pride in being the premier sponsor that illuminated the culinary world. Stay tuned for more exciting developments from Pure Ionic Water alongside the future luminaries of gastronomy and service.

Pure Ionic Team At YCYWM