The U.K's tap water isn't bad, it can just be improved.

Pure Ionic Tap Water

The EPI (Environmental Performance index has the UK’s water ranked as #1 in the world (along with Finland, Switzerland, Iceland, Netherlands and Norway) and places like the USA - 26th and New Zealand - 29th and Japan - 17th are only a few points lower than us on overall score, but are changing to be worse, not better.

Indeed the UK was awarded #3 in the European Water Awards 2020 (Austria won and The Netherlands second) with the likes of Italy not even entering their tap water. Italy, who are Europe’s leader in bottled water with 200 litres per person per year, has a patchy history where water is concerned which is why when travelling bottled water is recommended.

Put into context the UK has good water when you turn the tap on. Does this mean that the water is the best it can be? That’s another question. It is certainly sufficient for everyday use.

What happens when you plug in our Pure Ionic Water technology? We take the UK’s good water, filter out the things we believe aren’t needed, along with things like PMAS and hormones that have been in the news recently, along with any other particles like bacteria and microplastics. These are the things lots of other filters won’t be able to take out.

Then, and this is what differentiates Pure Ionic Water to most of the other water systems out there, we turn the water into a stable alkaline. Stable because after pouring the water, it doesn't degrade quickly like Ionised water or any other system that claims to make alkaline water.

In addition to all of this, the remineralisation of your Pure Ionic Water adds antioxidants and electrolytes.

Then and only then, you’ll turn your tap and get the very best water you can, aided by the UK’s tap water facilities that pipe their quality into your home.