World Plastics Summit 2022 | 24-26 March Monaco

Plastics have been in the news with increasing regularity over the last few years. Mostly negatively as elements like micro-plastics are found where they shouldn't be and us humans throw away plastic into the seas, again where plastic shouldn't be.
Plastic has been a revolution for humanity in may ways, indeed it's hard to imagine life without it, from food packaging to cars, to everyday items that are everywhere, plastics touch our lives many times a day. The problem is many fold with not just usage, and production but how long it takes to breakdown. The benefits of plastic, durability, is also its main problem. The planet and wildlife is being choked by plastics and we need to understand how to mitigate our dependancy on non biodegradable products. 
Our parent company WET Global supports the reduction of plastics in Monaco using patented technology. The world Plastics Summit is increasing the dialogue and agenda for the reduction of plastic in the Principality using the most innovative tech.
Read more about the world Plastics Summit  - and if you're at the event drop by and say 'Hi'.