Enhancing Performance and Hydration at Jumping International de Monte-Carlo

Horse Jumping Monaco


As the prestigious Jumping International de Monte-Carlo approaches, Pure Ionic Water is thrilled to announce its participation in this esteemed equestrian event for the very first time. With a commitment to optimising hydration and facilitating quick recovery, Pure Ionic Water will provide our exceptional water to both horses and equestrians.

The Grandeur of Jumping International de Monte-Carlo:

Celebrating its 15th anniversary, Jumping International de Monte-Carlo takes centre stage in the heart of Port Hercules, Monaco. This remarkable event, part of the renowned Longines Global Champions Tour, showcases the world's top riders in a stunning setting. Port Hercule undergoes a remarkable transformation, as no expense is spared in making the very best arena for the horses, riders and visitors. The sight of horses resting amidst the backdrop of magnificent yachts is a testament to the grandeur of this event in one of the most exclusive of locations.

The event has worked hard to put itself and the host on the sporting map, with only the Tennis and F1 beating it for the world's attention focussing on Monaco.

Optimal Hydration for Horses, Equestrians and Jockeys:

At Pure Ionic Water, we understand the paramount importance of optimal hydration for peak performance. Horses, as magnificent athletes, require proper hydration to maintain their energy levels, endurance, and overall health during intense competitions. Pure Ionic Water is specially formulated with essential minerals that cater to the hydration needs of all elite athletes, which includes horses, ensuring they perform at their absolute best.

But it doesn't end with the horses. Equestrian's, the skilled riders who guide these majestic horses, also exert tremendous physical effort during the event. Staying hydrated is crucial for their performance and well-being. Pure Ionic Water provides Equestrians with the replenishment they need, replacing lost fluids and minerals, thereby supporting their endurance, focus, and stamina throughout the competition.

The Power of Pure Ionic Water:

What sets Pure Ionic Water apart is its high concentration of hydrogen. This remarkable feature plays a pivotal role in combating oxidative stress, a common occurrence during intense physical activities. By reducing the harmful effects of free radicals, Pure Ionic Water aids in faster recovery, minimises muscle soreness, and enhances overall performance for both horses and equestrians. The hydrogen-rich water acts as a catalyst for speedy and effective rejuvenation, allowing athletes to bounce back with renewed vigour.

A Commitment to Excellence:

Pure Ionic Water's presence at Jumping International de Monte-Carlo is a testament to our commitment to excellence and support for elite sports. We believe that hydration is the key to unlocking the full potential of any elite athlete, horses included. By providing our exceptional water, we aim to elevate their performance, ensure their well-being, and contribute to the overall success of this remarkable event.

As the anticipation builds for Jumping International de Monte-Carlo, Pure Ionic Water stands ready to make its mark on this esteemed equestrian event. With a focus on providing optimal hydration and facilitating quick recovery, Pure Ionic Water is committed to enhancing the performance and well-being of both horses and equestrians. Be a part of this extraordinary event, where the synergy between hydration and excellence unfolds, and witness the transformative power of Pure Ionic Water at Jumping International de Monte-Carlo.