The Water Smart Foundation

The Water Smart Foundation is a charitable foundation whose objective is for the conservation and protection of the natural environment by reducing pollution caused by production and distribution of water. The WSF focuses on key sectors for maximum impact- to rethink and rework the way water is distributed. Supported by WET Global, the WSF collaborates with institutions, businesses, and individuals to implement solutions around the smart use of water. Funds raised are allocated to partner charities fitting our criteria, such as Surfers Against Sewage, RNLI and ZSL which are contributing to protecting the future of water.                                                                                                       
The Water Smart Foundation is an innovative model, because our partnership with WET Global enables us to provide a genuine alternative solution for the need and consumption of single-use plastic bottles for drinking water. At present, we are focusing on elite sports and the domestic market, both multi-billion-dollar industries which not only consume vast quantities of plastic bottles but also have a huge supply & transport chain for those damaging products.   
Together with WET Global’s Pure Ionic Water™ system, our WSF initiative brings elite sport water that is dispensed at point of use in training grounds, replacing the need for water in plastic bottles. We are working towards a day when the team, their entire support staff and all their supporters will never have to pick up a plastic water bottle again.                                                       
The Big Billion Bottle Battle. We’re going big. We want to eliminate a billion plastic bottles by working with our partners to encourage those around them to reduce their plastic bottled water consumption. Just one home Pure Ionic Water system could eliminate between 5,000 and 10,000 500ml plastic bottles for a family of four in a year. Imagine what we can do if we all join together.The Water Smart Foundation will also provide you with your membership environmental certificate and personally thanking you for your contribution to their Big Billion Bottle Challenge. As a token for offsetting your carbon and water footprint. (Did you know nearly 5 litres of good water is lost producing a single-use 500ml plastic bottle of water).                             
With 20% of Pure Ionic Water™ system proceeds donated to the WSF, the EAU technology is a consumer initiative recently launched by WET Global that is a direct and easy way people can reduce their plastic consumption. You’ll also get the very best water you can drink with all the benefits.
At least 10% of the 100 million tonnes of plastic we use every year end up in the oceans. We don’t want to overwhelm people with stats like these, but we’re serious about the consequences of our collective powers to do better. 
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