ELITE SPORTS drinking Pure ionic water™ - THE WATER OF CHAMPIONS


Our Elite Sports Program was developed by Pure Ionic Water Systems™ and in conjunction with trainers, sports scientists and nutritionists. It provides a growing number of elite sports stars with the ultimate hydration technology. Top-level athletes, Premier League football teams and Premiership rugby clubs insist on Pure Ionic Water Technology™ because it is proven to rehydrate the body faster than any other commercially available water. It is a powerful anti-oxidant and it promotes optimum performance. To be the best, you have to drink the best. See below clubs supplied with the Pure Ionic Water System™:

What happens when you drink cleaned, enhanced water?

Your body responds well to clean water as it has only h2o and naturally occurring electrolytes to handle and no other impurities to hinder absorption through osmosis. Pure Ionic Water™ water does not contain pesticides, insecticides, hormones, plastics, bacteria, metals, and/or other impurities. We clean mains, sea, river, and lake water and convert that source into a premium hydration resource.