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Pure Ionic Water™ System EAU Technology
Pure Ionic Water™ System EAU Technology
Pure Ionic Water™ System EAU Technology
Pure Ionic Water™ System EAU Technology
Pure Ionic Water™ System EAU Technology
Pure Ionic Water™ System EAU Technology

Pure Ionic Water™ System EAU Technology

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Choose the subscription that suits you best: Monthly payments of £30, quarterly payments of £90 or an annual payment of £300. The longer you stay with us the better value you'll get from our system, both for health and finance.

We use a one off membership payment of £180 that not only provides you with your annual filters but also allows flexibility of putting your subscription on hold if needed and restart (within a three year term) wherever you may live in the UK. And if you do not miss or break off your subscription we will never recharge the fee. Membership also gives you the choice of a good looking single flow tap (RRP £55) for FREE or upgrade and take advantage of up to £180 discount on designer kitchen taps that can dispense your Pure lonic Water™ as well as your hot and cold water flow.

Becoming a member will be doing your part in our #BigBillionBottleBattle helping to prevent a Billion single-use plastic bottles from polluting our planet.

We’ll send you new filters once a year with a freepost envelope so we can recycle your old ones. 

*System Dimensions 40cm x 33cm x 10cm.


“Pure Ionic Water™ is the best quality water available. A key component for improved performance and optimal health.”

Gavin Allinson - The ‘Fat Loss Chef’Certified Sports Nutritionist (CISSN), Former Professional Rugby Player

“Pure Ionic Water™ is the winning choice over acidic sports drinks.”

Matt Lovell Top Elite Sports Nutritionist, England RFU, UKA, Manchester City FC

“I recommend it to all my pro sport clients and they are delighted with the water and the service that they have received from the company.”

Mark Sheasby Mind and Sports Coach, England Rugby 7s, Notts County Cricket Club

“Since having a Pure Ionic Water™ whole house system installed the quality of the water is now amazing. More importantly, since having the system installed my daughter’s excaema has cleared up!”

Craig Bellamy Professional Footballer

Pure Ionic Water was the hydration of choice at Manchester City. It’s unique hydration quality was the reason i installed it through out my home.

Vincent Company – Pure Ionic Water™

I have been drinking Pure Ionic Water™ at home ever since I introduced it to the club I was managing in Bolton. simply the best.

Sam Allardyce – Pure Ionic Water™

I am so glad I discovered the great tasting Pure Ionic Water and proud to be an environmental hydration member. I also love my chef tap, thanks Pure Ionic Water, keep up the good fight.

Mr J Lee EHW London.