Pure Ionic Water™ - the official water of the Monaco Yacht Show 2021


After our debut at the show in 2019, the Pure Ionic Water™ team are proud to have exhibited at the Monaco Yacht Show 2021 yet again, with great success. 

Pure Ionic Water and WET Marine worked seamlessly with our local Monaco distributor Mon Eau, providing great-tasting, chilled Pure Ionic Water™ to all the attendees. With six hydration stations throughout the event, attendees stayed hydrated in the sunshine with bottomless water refills, whilst avoiding harmful single use plastic bottles. Over the four days, our lovely team were busy giving away over 18,000 cups of water to visitors. We provided our water in a specially selected, environmentally friendly biodegradable wheatstraw crew cup, saving a minimum of 20,000 plastic bottles being discarded.

Our Pure Ionic System for Yachts is just a slight bit different from the ones that fit under your sink at home. Because of the movement of the yachts on the sea there has to be some slight adjustments to the housing and attachments but the process for the water is exactly the same, delivering our amazingly clean, crisp and healthy alkaline water.

We’re so pleased when our product finds a natural fit an we certainly felt like the Monaco Yacht Show was a welcome fit for our E.A.U. System, we will certainly be going back again next year and look forward to fitting all the systems we sold this year.    

The team  Prince Alert visiting our stand