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The Club Fiat 500 Monte-Carlo emerged from the shared adoration of a group of enthusiasts for the beloved little Fiat 'Cinquecento' (500 in Italian) car. In 2017 their dream became a reality as the club was established in the principality upon the admiration of cars and their many different forms, old and new. Since then they have set out on a journey, bringing together like-minded individuals who share their passion for the Fiat 500. 

The Early Days:

The club's humble beginnings were filled with excitement and anticipation. Club members gathered for outings, driving into the beautiful countryside while having discussions about their shared love for the Fiat 500. The club's popularity grew, and its reputation began to spread. Today, an impressive 25% of the historic Fiat 500s cruising the Principality proudly display the club's distinctive badge.

The Community:

The Club Fiat 500 Monte-Carlo goes beyond mere events and gatherings. They have connections with other historic car clubs in Monaco, emphasizing the value of companionship. Their engagement extends beyond local borders, as they participate in rallies and events throughout Europe. The Club Fiat 500 Monte-Carlo actively seeks out new adventures and opportunities to showcase the Fiat 500.

Pure Ionic Water: Keeping Attendees Hydrated:

In an exciting addition to their upcoming 3rd International Meeting for Fiat 500, we are thrilled to announce our participation as Pure Ionic Water. We will be attending the event, providing hydrogen-rich water to keep all the attendees hydrated throughout the day in the scorching summer heat of Monaco. This will ensure that everyone can enjoy the event while staying refreshed and hydrated with the very best water possible.

Passionate Individuals:

Above all, the club serves as a gathering place for individuals to connect, exchange experiences, and share their passion for the Fiat 500. The club's President is very grateful  to each and every member who contributes to the community. 


As The Club Fiat 500 Monte-Carlo has its third event in Monaco we are so pleased to be attending. As Pure Ionic Water we are so thrilled to be attending and making sure everyone is keeping hydrated as well as being in awe of the fiat 500 that are parked in front of them.

Hope to see you there!

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Fiat 500 Monte Carlo X Pure Ionic water