Simply subscribe and pay monthly, quarterly or yearly, then we will send you a Pure Ionic Water™ under sink system. Once connected to your water supply you’ll have clean, crisp alkaline water in no time. After trying our water you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

We charge an upfront membership fee of £180 followed by a subscription that is less than a £1 per day for a Pure Ionic Water™ system with an RRP value of £2,595. You can then offset your membership fee with a tap of your choice. It is a full service membership warranty which includes your annual filter change and the recycling of old ones. It includes discounted benefits on other products supplied by our distributors. Such as sparkling, chilled and ambient sytems for the home. You can even upgrade to a whole house Pure Ionic Water™ system, deducting your membership and subscription payments. Watch out for friends and family benefits and much more supporting the health and wellness of all, especially our planet.


Everyday tap water becomes the award winning delicious Pure Ionic Water™. Packed with hydrogen rich, antioxidant alkaline mineralsthat refreshes and does good. Environmentally cleansing the nasty particles and the micro-plastics from the water, using no electricity and generating no waste. Our patented technology is unique in quality and provides ultra benefits for all and the planet.


• Pure Ionic Water™ system on subscription for less than £1 per day • Free Faucet • Up to £180 voucher to be spent on quality bespoke faucets valid three years • Discount on all upgrade system products offered • Recommend a friend and qualify for a £30 voucher to be used on subscription payments or equipment upgrades • As an ESG member you can stop your subscription any time by returning the Pure Ionic Water™ system and restart again within first three years. 

ESG recognition certificate from the Water Smart Foundation for the #BigBillionBottleBattle


Number of Pure Ionic Water™ systems


Litres of Pure Ionic Water™


Plastic bottles saved (500ml)


Potential saving on plastic bottled water (per annum)


We are proud of our environmentally responsible approach to business. By installing Pure Ionic Water™ system in your home, you avoid the need to purchase plastic bottled water. Over 2 billion plastic water bottles are disposed of every week, clogging up landfill sites and the ocean, where they cause lethal harm to marine life. The Pure Ionic Water™ system requires no power, no chemicals and produces no waste. We work in close partnership with the Water Smart Foundation, supporting causes such as eliminating tons of single-use plastics as an ongoing mission to help protecting the natural Earth. #BigBillionBottleBattle


A stable alkaline water that provides numerous benefits and unlike ionised water, doesn’t degrade quickly, keeping the benefits for longer.

Ultra Filtered

Better than ‘triple filtered’, ultra-filtered gets down to the micron particles, extracting hormones and microplastics that others miss.

Plastic Free

Simply fill any vessel with water, don’t buy bottled for out-of-home. We also filter microplastics out of the water and out of the ecosystem so you can go 100% plastic free.

Elite Sport

Developed over years with Elite Sports, our nutrition profile is for everyone but used daily by elite athletes in football, rugby, cricket, the Olympics and many more disciplines.

Pure Ionic Water™ System EAU Technology

Designed to fit your life, our Pure lonic Water™ system with EAU (Enhanced Adsorption Ultrafiltration) technology sits under your sink and delivers ultra-filtered alkaline and mineralised water, daily. Elite athletes drink our Pure lonic Water™ system daily and the benefits are for everyone, young and old, as you tap into the best minerals for your body, including extra magnesium. *System Dimensions 40cm x 33cm x 10cm.



Pure Ionic Water™ provides all the benefits you look for in premium performance hydration recovery for:

- Bone development
- Heart
- Muscles
- Brain
- Acid Reflux
- Detox
- Weight Loss
- Children’s Growth
- Mental Focus
- Rehabilitation
- Stamina
- And a great cup of tea

The system also protects against particle
contaminants found in water such as:

- Micro plastics
- Viruses
- Bacteria
- Heavy Metals
- Hormones (especially oestrogens)
- Chemical Contaminants
- Pesticides
- Nitrates

Feel Great

We drink water every day. Straight water, in tea, coffee, food and out-of-home in bottles. Your Pure Ionic Water™ system provides stable, healthy alkaline water which doesn’t degrade rapidly like ionised water does, it stays in peak condition so you can do the same.

Do Great

Our Pure Ionic Water™ system loves the environment, so we think about the planet in every step we take. Our technology uses no power, no chemicals, and produces no waste, with yearly filter changes that get recycled and not trashed.  We work in close partnership with the Water Smart Foundation, supporting causes such as eliminating tonnes of single-use plastics as an ongoing mission to help protecting the natural Earth.

Drink Great

Our technology is unique. Ultrafiltered water is down to the microns,
eliminating microplastics, chemicals, bacteria and hormones. But we don’t stop
there, we infuse the water with minerals after filtering, offering the best
re-hydration and enhancement to the highest level. Pure Ionic Water™ is the
best you can drink.