Hydrated Happy Grooms - A new campaign from the I.G.A.


‘Totally wrong’: grooms forced to drink from unsafe water from hoses or suffer dehydration. Horse and Hound Magazine

The Horse and Hound magazine shed light on a concerning issue faced by grooms: the lack of suitable drinking water. Aware of this problem, the International Groom Association has launched the "Hydrated Happy Grooms" campaign. The aim is to draw attention to the dangers of working while dehydrated at FEI events and calls for the provision of appropriate hydration stations for all individuals involved in these events.

After the Pure Ionic Water team attended the Longines International Jumping Event in June and witnessed first hand the significance of hydration at showjumping events we understood the need to keep not only the horses but also the show jumpers adequately hydrated. We prioritise the well-being of everyone at the events we attend, from elite athletes to the crowds of attendees and the show staff.

No matter where you plug it in, our water systems make sure the linked H2O undergoes an ultra-filtration and remineralisation process to ensure it is not just safe and tasty to drink, but also mineral and hydrogen rich, It then provides an amazing aid to recovery for even the toughest of challenges associated with sports.

At the Monaco show jumping event we placed hydration stations strategically around the arena, as well as next to each stable, ensuring easy access for all including the horses and grooms. We aimed to raise awareness among attendees about the importance of consuming clean, sustainably filtered water. Additionally, we offered the option for riders and grooms to have a portable systems that can be fitted onto any water supply that will give them our hydrogen-rich water, allowing them to maintain hydration standards at any event they attend.

At Pure Ionic Water, we firmly believe that we have the solution to combat dehydration effectively. By having our water supply system, we aim to eliminate the issue of dehydration entirely. Whether it's through our portable water options or the installation of hydration stations at various equestrian venues.