The Pure Ionic Water System™ is a product developed by WET which is an acronym for Water Enhancing Technologies. WET aims to offer water that is better for your health and the planet. Not only have WET developed the water but they have a variety of systems that deliver the all important water. The EAU technology is the in home solution that delivers the same crisp, clean and clear alkaline water to elite athletes, yachts, homes and more. One of a range of WET's award winning solutions Pure Ionic Water™ and the EAU technology partnership is the result of ongoing research and development into improving water management, quality and safety to reduce overall cost and environmental impact.

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Number of Pure Ionic Water™ systems


Litres of Pure Ionic Water™


Plastic bottles saved (500ml)


Potential saving on plastic bottled water (per annum)

  • No power or chemicals used, reducing waste
  • Lowers the demand for plastic bottled water
  • Enhances health with better hydration
  • Saves money, costing less than £1 a day
  • Naturally and effectively softens water
  • Entrusted and consumed by athletes