Our new ads in Monaco

pure ionic water in monaco

Since 1929 when the very first Monaco Grand Prix took place, the race has held a special place in the F1 calendar and in fan's hearts. Though it’s shorter than the FIA mandated 305 KM per race for F1 and slower due to the difficulty it is undoubtedly a race that earned its place as one of the three races dubbed the Triple Crown of Motorsports. 

This year when the population of Monaco swells with race attendees, we will be visible on the local buses that zoom around the hills and bustling city centre. Not only are we visible for the F1 but we’re also visible for the Monaco Streaming Film Festival, a leader in the VOD (video on demand) content where we are running similar messaging when we sponsor the event.  

We will be at the Film Festival providing our Pure Ionic Water™ for attendees and judges as they vie for awards. With many years of experience in and around the film and short-content production world the event is the brainchild of studio and streaming executives; film and content producers; film financiers and music scoring and soundtrack backgrounds the event is sure to be a great addition to the yearly film festivals. 

All eyes on Monaco and if anyone sees us on the busses, please feel free to share a picture on social with the has tag #pureionic so we can see it. 

Monaco Grand Prix: Sunday 29th May ‘22 


Monaco Streaming Festival: 31st May to 3rd June ‘22