Journal: My Pure Ionic Water™

Pure Ionic Water

First Journal Entry

I couldn’t wait for my Pure Ionic Water machine to be delivered. Our household has myself and my wife,  2 children, one in year 4 and one in nursery, two pets - a dog Maeve and a cat, Max. It’s a busy household with lots happening and every morning we fill up water bottles for nursery/school/work and everyone leaves the house, except for me, who works from home with my own business.

Like most people I have seen the headlines about water: 

Concern over toxic chemicals in tap water: BBC 

Microplastics found in human blood for the first time: The Guardian

That’s just the tip of the iceberg as water has become a hot topic. Having exposure to news stories it seems like there's a lot happening in water at the moment from droughts to chemicals and much more. I have always drank water, as well as other drinks, but my water intake is patchy at best. I don;t think I am alone in this as it’s hard work to keep drinking water and stay hydrated. I know the benefits, but it’s hard to do in day-to-day practice. Sometimes I’ll drink more and some days I’ll drink lots of things, but not water.

Then there’s the plastic out-of-home element to address as our household knows about plastic pollution and are trying to ‘do our bit’ by not using plastic as much as we can. The bottles that I send the children to school/nursery with are metal, not plastic as again, I was shocked about the plastic bottle information (like this study) where it leaches toxins into humans. Eek!

I first heard about Pure Ionic Water through a friend who had seen the machine and checked it out, and they were excited to get theirs delivered, so I had a quick look at the machine but also into their competitors. There were a few things that set Pure Ionic Water above the rest for me:

Alkaline water - most don’t give you alkaline water and the ones that do are very expensive, or create a lot of waste or are hard to maintain. Pure Ionic Water was the leader in this field for me by a mile.

Cost - I liked the basics of £1 a day approx. cost without any additional for maintenance. Split between the four of us that’s £0.25 a day for our water - very reasonable. 

Re-mineralisation - the recipe for the water looks impressive, helping hydrate faster, and full of antioxidants and electrolytes, whilst being trusted by elite athletes. Good enough for them, perfect for us.

It all added up to a great deal from my investigation into other versions. If all else failed there was a 30-day money back anyway so I could try and make sure it works first - sounds like a plan, so I dived in and bought a year’s subscription.

I’ll keep you up to date on my journey =)