Water Filters - a filter is a filter - right?

When we talk to people we know about working at a water company, most will say something like ‘yeah we filter our water too’. Water filters are not uncommon all over the world, certainly in some countries you’ll have to use a filter as the tap water isn’t advisable to drink without filtering. 

When we’re posting social posts about our water technology we often get replies of ‘just use a filter’ or similar.

You might be surprised, or not, to learn that not all water filters are created equal. From the simple water jug filter that’s commonly found in most stores to UV or Reverse Osmosis filters that are much more expensive and a much bigger process to get working, there’s a lot of filter options out there.

Charcoal filters, active charcoal filters, gravity-fed, counter top, distillers, ionizers, we could go on and on and on… Each and every one of these has pro’s and con’s. Mainly it’s a trade off between a filter that is cheap (e.g. carbon) but less effective at filtering, versus super effective (Reverse Osmosis machines) which take everything out of water and are much more expensive. Some machines also use electricity and / or chemicals and create waste.

We have decades of knowledge in the water industry so wanted to bring that knowledge into the marketplace with something that does everything, whilst not breaking the bank.

Each and every one of the filters you can get basically takes out contaminates from tap water. Some, not all, then add back or remineralise the water to make it work better for rehydration and be better for you.

We use ultra filtration to get all the bad bits out. We also remineralse with the exact same properties that Elite Athletes demand for improved metabolism, rehydration and body function. BUT, and this is the additional cherry on the top, we also deliver you an Alkaline tap  water at 8.9 PH.

Ultrafiltered to get all the bad stuff out - remineralised with antioxidants and electrolytes - turned into a stable alkaline water.