Graystone have committed to supporting the elimination of plastic bottles from sport (directly and indirectly) that are used for holding water. Visitors to Graystone who take advantage of our free water dispenser are actually drinking a super premium performance water known as Pure Ionic Water™.

Not all water is the same. Pure Ionic Water™ is enriched with minerals (electrolytes), helping maintain essential hydration balance. It has been the choice of Elite Sports players, athletes and clubs since 2006.

Graystone and Pure Ionic Water™ have now teamed up to offer a subscription that allows our visitors to be drinking the same great-tasting, fresh, clean mineral water 24/7 at home.

The subscription benefits include:

  • Elite Sports #1 water
  • Providing hydration wellness at the highest level
  • Reduce plastic waste
  • All for less than £1 a day

  • Take a look at the long list of benefits below.

    Graystone Pure Ionic Water System™
    Graystone Pure Ionic Water System™
    Graystone Pure Ionic Water System™
    Graystone Pure Ionic Water System™
    Graystone Pure Ionic Water System™

    Graystone Pure Ionic Water System™

    £30.00 Save £-30.00
    Tax included.


    Designed to fit your life, our Pure Ionic Water™ EAU (Enhanced Adsorption Ultrafiltration) technology sits under your sink and delivers ultra-filtered alkaline and mineralised water, daily. We’ll send you new filters once a year with a freepost envelope so we can recycle your old ones.

    Graystone is a selected Environmental Hydration Partner whose members drink Pure Ionic Water daily. You may not be up to their quality in the park, but out of the park our water benefits are for everyone, young and old, as you tap into the best minerals for your body, including extra magnesium. 

    Your ESG (Environmental Social Governance) subscriber member benefits:

    •   Pure Ionic Water™ system on subscription for less than £1 per day

       Free Faucet

    •   Up to £180 voucher to be spent on quality bespoke faucets valid three years

       Discount on all upgrade system products offered

       Recommend a friend and qualify for a £30 voucher to be used on subscription payments or equipment upgrades

       As an ESG member you can stop your subscription any time by returning the Pure Ionic Water™ system and restart again within first three years. 

    ESG recognition certificate from the Water Smart Foundation for the #BigBillionBottleBattle

    Put simply, our Pure Ionic Water System™ is the very best water you can get at home. There are many universal benefits to drinking our water, whereby everyone will gain in health, but some are dependent on your personal circumstances. If you're curious to learn more (click here to see the benefits of drinking Alkaline Water).