Our E.A.U. system removes hormones.

Your tap water is composed of lots of different things depending on your location as well as the pipes used to get the water to your tap. Different water companies in the UK have different ways of treating the water it delivers and the pipes it delivers them in can be newer or older so the end result can be different when you turn the tap.

The water companies do a great job, it's not easy work but the water they deliver is not always the exact product you might want to drink. There's more and more studies into tap water and what it contains.

In 2012, several news agencies reported the presence of female sex hormone (Oestrogen) in the waters in the UK including tap water. In fact, lab tests found that 80% of surveyed water sources contained noticeable levels of Ethinyl Estradiol (EE2) which is the active ingredient in the medical oestrogen (or known as contraceptive pills). Several scientific studies indicated that even low levels of EE2 could trigger gender mutations in freshwater fish. 

It was also found that animals that are given hormones, for example cow herds that are given hormones for milk production, can also be a big part of the hormones in the water table that might make it into drinking water. Of course all the water is treated before it gets to your kitchen, and certainly in the UK our water treatment is some of the best in Europe with a score of 99.71 (out of 100) that hasn't changed by more than 1% since 1990.

With all of that said, our E.A.U. unit can remove oestrogen from water by ultrafiltration making it an ideal compliment to the work already done by water companies. Please refer to “How it works” section for more information.